Pro Tools

Pro Processing

Pro Processing  is a highly customized crop insurance processing system designed to provide the Crop Pro agent all of the tools needed to maintain a policy in one easy to use integrated platform.  Agents have the ability to perform all processing tasks associated with a policy from year-to-year; whether it's entering new policies, reporting production or acres, or submitting loss notices, it's all done through Pro Processing. Pro Processing is an online system providing agents real-time access to policy information. Additional features that are available with Pro Processing include:

  • Multiple ways to report acres through mapping, detailed lines, or fast edit AR
  • Printing of all policy forms
  • Batch scanning
  • Access to Agency Accounting Reports
  • Multiple reports available
  • Access to CIMS (similar to FSA 578) information on a policy basis
  • Integrated Pro Mapping
  • Pro Quoting – stand-alone or web-based
  • Pro Mobile

For our busy agents, we offer simplified processing.  One screen allows the user to key acres and plant dates.  The addition of CLU information can be done quickly through the land ID.  Land information can be verified while editing CLUs.

With a quick view the user can see the acres and plant date to verify accuracy.  Unit numbers, share percent, share holder, type/practice can be accessed.  When the need is there to duplicate a unit, the ability is there.  Key policy information is located on one easy to use screen. 

Ease and quickness for your busy time of the year.

Pro Mobile

Crop Pro  provides easy access to data any time anywhere.  We understand agents are not always close to a computer and there are times you need information immediately. Pro Mobile enables you to do so on-the-go, quickly and easily from your mobile device.
Quick Access to:
  • MPCI claims
  • MPCI policies
  • Documents
  • Reports
  • Customer Information
  • Check Markets
  • Submit MPCI Notice of Loss
  • Monitor each step of a claim
  • View all claims at a glance
  • View all policies at a glance
  • Email documents

Pro Mapping

Pro Mapping  is a powerful tool for fast, easy maintenance of policy holder and agent information. Crop Pro is proud to provide all of our agents with cutting edge technology and time-saving tools to best serve the American Farmer!

Crop Pro agents will receive access to an advanced Map Based Acreage Reporting System.  The mapping system is user-friendly and provides a visual image as the policy is mapped.  The beauty of the system is that the acres are reported visually right on the screen. This results in increased accuracy of the planted acres, less chance of LAF and accurate automatic identification of high risk areas by crop, practice and type. The chance of acreage discrepancies are greatly reduced when the acres are reported through mapping.  When a claim is processed there should be no discrepancies in the verified acres reported.


You have choices in regards to reporting acres.  When the acres are indicated in Pro Mapping, the information is uploaded to Pro Processing including automatic identification of correct legal location.  If the acres are keyed into Pro Processing the fields will automatically import and update in Pro Mapping. Any legal location errors are fixed automatically.

When it comes to annual policy renewal, Pro Mapping is there to make it easy. Each year, FSA updates thousands and thousands of the CLU field boundaries, forcing agents to identify and select new field boundaries. Pro Mapping automatically identifies such changes made by FSA and simply produces an automatic solution for you to review and approve, saving time and improving information accuracy.

Pro Mapping provides multiple way of finding a location:

  • Unit
  • Address
  • Road intersection
  • GPS coordinates
  • Section/Township/Range and Texas Survey
  • Vegetative and Rainfall Index Grid IDs
  • FSN, Tract, Field
    • Multiple FSNs can be added with a single search allowing for quicker data entry


A valuable feature is the ability to visualize different map layers and automatically identify High Risk, Unrated, AAA, BBB, and CCC by crop, practice and type.

Pro Mapping provides the ability to print and email map based documents. The documents can be formatted to the discretion of the agent. Documents can be requested and printed one policy at a time, or requested as a batch, allowing you, the agent to continue working while the print job is generated. All fields can be organized into groups that make sense to you and your customers and all printed documents offer an option to be sorted by such groups in addition to standard sorting by CLU, Section/Township/Range or Unit number.

Print outs available are:

  • Two types of folding Pocket Map Booklets:
    • Easy Fold
    • Center Fold
  • Wall maps
    • 4 dimensions available all the way up to poster size
  • Map based Acreage Reports
  • Map based Schedule of Insurance
  • CLU Inventory report for easy comparison against a FSA Form 578

 Pro Quote

Crop Pro  provides a robust crop insurance quoting system, Pro Quote, for point of sale activities to be used by crop insurance agencies during sales season.  We are continually innovating and pushing the envelope on development, building upon ideas that we receive from our customers and from the field. 

Our goal is to provide Crop Pro's customers the advantage they need to more effectively market crop insurance and grow their business. 


  • The industry standard when it comes to quick, easy and accurate quoting.
  • Comparison Quote; providing the ability to quote two scenarios side-by-side for easy comparison.
  • Present profit or losses scenarios with the ability to develop customized marketing plans to integrate with the crop insurance being purchased.
  • Full Farm policy quoting allowing your agents to analyze a client’s operation as a whole, more effectively accessing the customer's risk management approach, all based on actual policy information.
  • Simple, easy to read printouts with your agent’s logo and agents contact information pre-populated on the form.
  • Ability to save multiple quotes.

About Pro Quoting Profit  

Part of the Pro Quote software is the feature to present a stand-alone, point-of-sale quoting tool that allows the agents to produce colorful, easy to read reports to their insureds. Compare quoting scenarios quickly and easily. Want to see how just one variation changes your quote? Plug in a new factor and the system recalculates quickly, rapidly generating a new report. Agents may quote multiple MPCI products at once.  

The software allows the agent to integrate the insured's anticipated production, marketing plan, operating costs and government payments with various MPCI products to determine the insured's estimated net income, helping the insured and agent come to an educated decision as to what product best fits their needs.

Crop Pro uploads the insured's policy information and provides quotes to existing insureds based on their policy information. If a simple quote is all that is needed, Pro Quote will quickly generate a generic quote. If the insured wants information about potential indemnity payouts in the event of a production loss, falling commodity price, or both, it has that capability, too.

Crop insurance can seem overwhelming at times. Farmers want to know the costs and the benefits associated with an insurance plan. Pro Quote is exactly what an agent needs to assist farmers with making informed decisions about purchasing crop insurance.