Pro Processing

Pro Processing  is a highly customized crop insurance processing system designed to provide the Crop Pro agent all of the tools needed to maintain a policy in one easy to use integrated platform.  Agents have the ability to perform all processing tasks associated with a policy from year-to-year; whether it's entering new policies, reporting production or acres, or submitting loss notices, it's all done through Pro Processing. Pro Processing is an online system providing agents real-time access to policy information. Additional features that are available with Pro Processing include:

  • Multiple ways to report acres through mapping, detailed lines, or fast edit AR
  • Printing of all policy forms
  • Batch scanning
  • Access to Agency Accounting Reports
  • Multiple reports available
  • Access to CIMS (similar to FSA 578) information on a policy basis
  • Integrated Pro Mapping
  • Pro Quoting – stand-alone or web-based
  • Pro Mobile

For our busy agents, we offer simplified processing.  One screen allows the user to key acres and plant dates.  The addition of CLU information can be done quickly through the land ID.  Land information can be verified while editing CLUs.

With a quick view the user can see the acres and plant date to verify accuracy.  Unit numbers, share percent, share holder, type/practice can be accessed.  When the need is there to duplicate a unit, the ability is there.  Key policy information is located on one easy to use screen. 

Ease and quickness for your busy time of the year.