Private Products

Crop Pro  has secured a staff of industry leaders experienced in servicing the traditional Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) program, crop hail and private crop insurance.

We will help the independent agent channel differentiate from other agents in the market by bringing innovative private products that solve real needs to increase yield and lower operating costs, which work in good stewardship with the land. Product differentiation is necessary to both defend and grow the agent’s book of business.

Our products  are designed to supplement MPCI and provide agents unique alternatives to sell to growers that can be leveraged to keep pace with the challenging ag economy.

One of our key differentiation strategies is to bring innovation to the market place that helps our agents stand out, remain on the cutting edge of technology and bring additional risk management solutions to the growers they serve. These technologies and solutions can be used to protect yield and operating costs and solve issues experienced in the field. A key driver of this strategy is to work with portfolio companies to bring new products and technologies to market, help accelerate their adoption, and de-risk the traditional costs of transitioning to new farming practices.


In addition to innovative product offerings in the pipeline, we offer a full line and competitive suite of products as a growth and retention strategy for our agents. Please visit our contact us to request additional product information.